Internal Walls

Timber Frame Stud Walls

98mm Timber Frame Stud Partition

Our standard recommendation for internal partitions is non insulated Timber Frame Stud walls. These have the advantage of being pre-engineered in a controlled factory environment and delivered to site ready for assembly.

They are constructed from 89mm x 38mm vertical timber studs at 400mm/600mm centres. For load bearing stud partitions, one side of the partitions is sheathed with 9mm Oriented Strand Board (OSB/3) leaving the opposite side open for the incorporation of services, e.g. plumbing & wiring.

Following the installation of the ground floor timber sole plate, the Timber Frame Stud walls are assembled to form the internal frame of the building along with Structural Members if required.

Both sides of the Timber Frame Stud wall will require a plaster board lining to achieve the required fire and acoustic performance following the installation of services. For further details see Technical Information.

Please note that Services & Plasterboard are not included within the SIP Building System.

SIP Building System

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